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Hi Folks,

Jan 2015, my equipment for filming demos is purchased and actually working!  –With the exception of lighting, which I’ll rent until I know for sure what I need.  I anticipate needing to make demo videos I haven’t thought of, yet–in response to future customers’ frequently asked questions.

Last week and today, and probably the rest of this week in my non-teaching hours, I’ve been working on a voice over script, recording and refining it, so, that I can shoot a video to match up to it.  This will be a 3 to 5 minute demo.  Then I hope to make a 1 minute demo.  And then a 30 second video.  I’m using Camtasia and Premiere Pro.  Last week was very productive.  Today, I’ve been somewhat productive, but also thinking about Martin Luther Kings impact, and proud of the Utah kids who have taken to the streets, today.

OK.  Back to work 🙂

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StopWatch chronlogical progress blog entries start today. Announcing…

StopWatch Privacy is ready for Alpha testing by potential customers.  We’re in the polishing phase.  We’ve sent out links to UI / UX designers to critique StopWatch. 

Additionally, StopWatch needs you!!!

We can’t seem to find any more bugs, so we need real life users to use StopWatch and tell us if they hit any snags.  So:  Calling interested real-life users…  Download and play away 🙂

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Watching Sports Events, Movies, and Online Gambling!

See ‘I Gotta Pee’ and ‘Spy vs Spy’ post for Triggers and Actions.


  1. If you’re using ‘Hide’, consider if your situation merits using ‘Hide Securely’.  Sometimes it’s better to start with tighter security until your understand how StopWatch is working for you in your environment.
  2. If your company has a strong IT department and Network security, use an external network like ‘Clear’ so your IT can’t sniff your IP packets and trigger alerts on the sites you’re visiting.
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Planes, Trains, Automobiles, (and Boats, Waiting rooms, Airports, Restaurants, Cafes, Churches, Ball Games and Other Public Exposures!)

  1. Use a 3M privacy filter.  This obscures the screen for people who are not directly behind you.  There are less expensive privacy filters than 3M’s.
  2. Choose a booth where you can sit with your back to the wall.
  3. Position yourself so that you’re facing everyone and so your screen isn’t directly reflecting images or text off the location’s windows.
  4. Position yourself so people can’t look through a window directly at your screen.
  5. Boss-Key and Hide are your best friends in situations.  As people approach you suddenly, it’s Alt-x baby!  Once they’re gone you can quickly reveal again by clicking the StopWatch icon in the system tray (by the clock in the lower left hand corner of your screen.)
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Obsessively Monitoring Your EBay Sale or Craigslist Ad When You’re Not Supposed To Be!

Use the Spy vs Spy post for Triggers and Actions


Use earphones and be sure to choose ‘Mute Speakers’ as one of your Actions.

Keeping your dating email, IM’s, text, and social media conversations from being seen by someone snooping around or on your computer, even if you’re not there.

See ‘I Gotta Pee’ and ‘Spy vs Spy’ post



Be sure to avoid ‘Hide’.  If you love using ‘Hide’ instead of ‘Kill’, be sure to use ‘Hide Securely’ using a password that’s different than your network passwords, so that an IT person who has administrative rights to your machine cannot open up StopWatch and see what you’re hiding.

  • Automating tasks to secure your computer like locking the screen every time you walk away.
  • Keeping it private that you’re , etc.
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You’ve Gotta Pee!

Even in companies that have toxic employees, peers, and bosses, walking away from your computer to pee or go to a meeting is a fact of life.  All people who do not have an obsessive compulsive nature forget to secure their computer a dangerous number of times per year (even the one time can be disastrous).  Each time you leave it open leaves an opportunity for someone to hop on the computer and steal data or misrepresent you, as happened to our friend, Anderson.

Andy, a desktop support manager, stepped away from his computer to go to a meeting.  While he was in the meeting he had one of his employees step in to perform a software install.  While his worker was on the system, just for fun, he went into Andy’s open email and sent a message to another one of Andy’s employees, “Hey Nacho, you freaking Puerto Rican, what’s your project status?”  This was an ongoing joke between these two employees.  And, even though this employee’s name was not Nacho, and he was not Puerto Rican (he was from Portugal), he saw an opportunity to make a play for Andy’s job and contacted HR complaining that Andy was oppressing him with a hostile, racist, work environment.  All of the managers and all of the employees were called in for weeks of grueling interviews.  One of the last people they interviewed was the employee who wrote the email in Andy’s name.  He was furious, and explained he’d written it, and that he and ‘Nacho’ had laughed about it only moments later when ‘Nacho’ burst into Andy’s office to see what was going on.

In the entire time I worked with Andy, I never saw him leave his screen unlocked.  This is the only time he left it open.  And it was intentional.  So, even though it was intentional, look how much corporate spending and good achievement time and energy went into dealing with something that turned out to be a practical joke.  Unlike Andy’s employee, people who physically breech corporate computers obviously have no interest in joking around.

So, pee in peace using these cool StopWatch tricks:


  • Webcam:  Point the camera where you’ll walk by it on the way out of your office but not where it will see movements you don’t care about.
  • Idle timer 3 minutes or less (if you forget to plug in your webcam or it gets bumped and is pointing the wrong way, you’re still protected after 3 or less minutes)


  • Lock screen
  • Mute Speakers:  If you’ve been watching movies or listening to music…


Wait the number of minutes you set the idle time for to experience what it’s like when the 5-second-warning StopWatch animation pops up.

Did this test help you feel more confident in of how StopWatch will behave?  Adjust the timing until it feels right.


Turn your screen so you can see it from where your camera is pointing.  Walk through the target area.

Did StopWatch quickly lock your screen?  If you want more speed, increase the trigger motion detection speed and decrease the object size.

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Top Secret Documents

If you like hard data, there is a great paper to read at 3M’s website.  You can find the link below.

More than two thirds of working professional (67%) worked with social security numbers, credit card numbers, corporate financial information, non-regulated but sensitive corporate strategy info, and intellectual property information outside the trusted confines of the office in 2010.  A simple click of an iPhone camera can capture an on-screen list of enough customer data to require corporate disclosure under current disclosure laws.  A patent drawing is just as vulnerable.

In a landmark 2010 study on screen security by People Security Consulting Services LLC (funded by 3M to understand people’s screen security attitudes and behavior), People Security recorded individual’s screen security at complimentary computer kiosks at a convention for IT and security professionals.  The subjects were executives (22%), directors (23%), and managers (39%), who have access to companies’ most sensitive data.  They found that the higher risk the data, the more likely the professional was to display it openly, rather than use a screen filter.  Click here if you’re curious about how they exposed on-screen their companies’ data to be easily photographed from the cellphones of passersby.  To see how well an iPhone 4’s five megapixel camera capture’s all of a screen’s data from a glancing angle, scroll down to page 9.…

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