No Suspitions = No Questions

StopWatch is built to keep you out of trouble.  The StopWatch battle cry is “No suspicious behavior = No questions”.  If StopWatch is meeting its objective, no one will see you taking an evasive action and ask you to explain yourself.  This is StopWatch Privacy’s main differentiation point from its top competitor who makes your screen go fuzzy, or displays a .jpg image of an innocuous desktop.  A fuzzy screen raises questions.  A .jpg fake screen image can also get you into serious trouble when someone walks up and asks you to open a file.  That’s because lurking behind that fake .jpg image is what you don’t want the visitor to see.

If you use a plastic 3M privacy screen filter (which is really smart to do by the way) there can be questions, or unspoken snooping from people wondering what you have that you need to hide.  The 3M privacy screen filters are fantastic in situations where you’re SUPPOSED to be keeping your screen private, like on jets, in waiting rooms, coffee shops, and when you visit with vendors, etc.

So, if it’s okay for you to be physically obvious that you’re hiding things from others, and you don’t mind the probing questions of what you’re hiding under the blur, then you may not require StopWatch.  But if you need to be stealthy….

StopWatch is stealthy.  To us, if someone sees a blurred screen, it’s not privacy–It’s the beginning of an investigation.

StopWatch plays the line between being fast and easy to use, and being invisible to people sneaking up behind you, or sneaking into your space when you’re in a meeting, or well-meaning people just walking into your space to do what they have to do.  We don’t want you to ever act jumpy, or suddenly decide if you’re going to lie, tell the truth, or tell something between a lie and the truth.

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