Secret Interviewing

SITUATION:  Privately job-interviewing to keep your current company from sabotaging your opportunity

RISKY PROGRAMS:  Corporate email systems, browser based email and websites, instant messengers, teleconferencing programs, Word and PDF resumes.


  • Webcam:   Pointing at where people enter your space
  • Idle timer:  3 minutes or less


  • Hide:
  • Use for Word, Excel, Acrobat (and other programs that would be at risk from ‘Kill’ killing your unsaved work).


Hide Securely:

If you’d like to widen your margin of safety beyond Hide to prepare for unpredictable events and chaotic situations.


Use Kill to avoid the risk of something going wrong in the unpredictable world of Skype and Windows Live type messengers, teleconferencing software, browsers, and games.


If you’re so comfortable with risk that you’re using hide on programs we recommend use Kill on.


BRING YOUR OWN!  Bring your own laptop to work and use a private network like Clear:  Take it right into work and use it for your negotiating, etc.  Then you own your networking data passes through Clear’s network not your corporate network.  So, the company cannot spy on your negotiations.

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