Top Secret Documents

If you like hard data, there is a great paper to read at 3M’s website.  You can find the link below.

More than two thirds of working professional (67%) worked with social security numbers, credit card numbers, corporate financial information, non-regulated but sensitive corporate strategy info, and intellectual property information outside the trusted confines of the office in 2010.  A simple click of an iPhone camera can capture an on-screen list of enough customer data to require corporate disclosure under current disclosure laws.  A patent drawing is just as vulnerable.

In a landmark 2010 study on screen security by People Security Consulting Services LLC (funded by 3M to understand people’s screen security attitudes and behavior), People Security recorded individual’s screen security at complimentary computer kiosks at a convention for IT and security professionals.  The subjects were executives (22%), directors (23%), and managers (39%), who have access to companies’ most sensitive data.  They found that the higher risk the data, the more likely the professional was to display it openly, rather than use a screen filter.  Click here if you’re curious about how they exposed on-screen their companies’ data to be easily photographed from the cellphones of passersby.  To see how well an iPhone 4’s five megapixel camera capture’s all of a screen’s data from a glancing angle, scroll down to page 9.…

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