Obsessively Monitoring Your EBay Sale or Craigslist Ad When You’re Not Supposed To Be!

Use the Spy vs Spy post for Triggers and Actions


Use earphones and be sure to choose ‘Mute Speakers’ as one of your Actions.

Keeping your dating email, IM’s, text, and social media conversations from being seen by someone snooping around or on your computer, even if you’re not there.

See ‘I Gotta Pee’ and ‘Spy vs Spy’ post



Be sure to avoid ‘Hide’.  If you love using ‘Hide’ instead of ‘Kill’, be sure to use ‘Hide Securely’ using a password that’s different than your network passwords, so that an IT person who has administrative rights to your machine cannot open up StopWatch and see what you’re hiding.

  • Automating tasks to secure your computer like locking the screen every time you walk away.
  • Keeping it private that you’re , etc.
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