Demo equipment

Hi Folks,

Jan 2015, my equipment for filming demos is purchased and actually working!  –With the exception of lighting, which I’ll rent until I know for sure what I need.  I anticipate needing to make demo videos I haven’t thought of, yet–in response to future customers’ frequently asked questions.

Last week and today, and probably the rest of this week in my non-teaching hours, I’ve been working on a voice over script, recording and refining it, so, that I can shoot a video to match up to it.  This will be a 3 to 5 minute demo.  Then I hope to make a 1 minute demo.  And then a 30 second video.  I’m using Camtasia and Premiere Pro.  Last week was very productive.  Today, I’ve been somewhat productive, but also thinking about Martin Luther Kings impact, and proud of the Utah kids who have taken to the streets, today.

OK.  Back to work 🙂

About StopWatch Team :)

24 Hour response time. Knowledgeable. Solution oriented. Passionate about constant improvement.
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