Our Team

We are not the droids you’re looking for.  Our funding is our hearts.  Our unwillingness to quit making StopWatch better and better.  We’re dead serious about our painstaking attention to anything that might be bothering you or that could help you stop snoops from watching your Private programs over your shoulder.

A word about our quiet reclusive team:  Instead of being fame focused, we’re focused on your safety. We’re intense about continuously improving StopWatch’s ability to not elicit questions.

StopWatch is the stealthiest, easiest to use, best behaving, screen-security software available.  How much does it cost?  We asked ourselves, “What could we afford?” and then proceeded to kick the daylights out of the competition on price, too:  $19.95, and we kick their butts on our return policy:  90-days 100% refund guarantee.  Only 0% of software vendors give an unlimited Free Trial plus a guarantee like that.  Gee, why is that?

  • Here are some situations where StopWatch will save your life:
  • Keeping other people from seeing your company’s secrets
  • Job interview process for new job while you’re still at your current job
  • Spy vs Spy situations
  • Protecting yourself from a stalker at work, school, etc.
  • Keeping Top Secret documents top secret
  • Keeping it private that you’re watching an all-important sports event in a situation where you should not be, like work
  • Keeping your dating email, IM, text, and social media conversations from being seen by someone snooping around near or on your computer, even if you’re not there
  • Automating tasks to secure your computer like locking the screen every time you walk away
  • Keeping it private that you’re watching movies, or browsing shopping sites, etc.

The only action we’ve built into StopWatch that reveals itself is it’s animated StopWatch warning that warns that your idle-time trigger is about to trigger your assigned action.  It’s very obvious, and appears on the screen for 2 to 5 seconds before an Action is taken to give you the chance to wiggle your mouse or tap your keyboard to keep StopWatch from taking action.  We put this in because one of our spouses was waiting for a browser based credit card transaction confirmation when StopWatch suddenly killed the browser (as configured).  You should have heard the explicative tirade that started with the last word we wanted it to: STOPWATCH!  So, we put in the animated StopWatch to warn you.  This allows you to set a very short idle-time threshold, too. Give us feedback on it, if you keep wishing you had an off-switch for it.  We’ve really liked using having the warning animation when video chatting.  Tell us what you think….

So that’s what StopWatch Privacy is about.  We hope StopWatch takes some pressure off you, and that you get cool insights into improving your StopWatch Privacy program.

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