Secret Interviewing

SITUATION:  Privately job-interviewing to keep your current company from sabotaging your opportunity

RISKY PROGRAMS:  Corporate email systems, browser based email and websites, instant messengers, teleconferencing programs, Word and PDF resumes.


  • Webcam:   Pointing at where people enter your space
  • Idle timer:  3 minutes or less


  • Hide:
  • Use for Word, Excel, Acrobat (and other programs that would be at risk from ‘Kill’ killing your unsaved work).


Hide Securely:

If you’d like to widen your margin of safety beyond Hide to prepare for unpredictable events and chaotic situations.


Use Kill to avoid the risk of something going wrong in the unpredictable world of Skype and Windows Live type messengers, teleconferencing software, browsers, and games.


If you’re so comfortable with risk that you’re using hide on programs we recommend use Kill on.


BRING YOUR OWN!  Bring your own laptop to work and use a private network like Clear:  Take it right into work and use it for your negotiating, etc.  Then you own your networking data passes through Clear’s network not your corporate network.  So, the company cannot spy on your negotiations.

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Spy vs. Spy

If people knew what you’re doing, would they be highly motivated to spy on you?  The two keys to obstructing spies from seeing your screen are keeping the screen angle where they cannot see it, and when they can see view the screen be ready by using StopWatch.


  1. Face the door:  Move your screen and desk so people can’t see your screen when they come into your office.  Facing the door is ideal.  Forgiveness is easier than permission:  Employees have a good chance of not being asked to turn back around once they’ve adjusted their space so that they’re facing the door.  ‘It creeps me out to have people walk in behind me.’
  2. You back is to the door:  If there is no physical way to face the door, it’s time for a 3M Privacy Filter.  Apply the 3M privacy screen, then angle your screen so someone walking in has to maneuver directly behind you to see your screen in focus.  This will buy you some time take countermeasures when someone enters.



Point your webcam so that it captures someone walking into your space buy not someone who is just walking past.


Turn on the Boss-key trigger so you can type ‘Alt-x’ to control for unpredictably chaotic moments, such as if your webcam is not attached one day, etc.  Boss-key practice makes perfect.  Practice reaching for Alt-x.  Visualize someone entering your space and then reach for Alt-x.  Get very used to it.  Try it when sitting and standing at odd angles and from the keyboard until it’s very natural.  It’s smart to get into the habit of turning off the power on your screen when people walk in, so that you train them to expect you to get rid of all distractions so you can give them your undivided attention.


If you’re not using your webcam, and you need tight security, but you know there will be situations where reaching for Alt-x is going to create suspicion, set your Idle-time trigger for a low threshold of 1 minute.  Standup and make 1 minute of conversation to block the visitor from your screen until StopWatch has time Kill or Hide your program.  Keep the guest standing on the backside of your screen by stepping around the desk to shake hands and talk standing up for at least a minute.  NOTE:  That minute will seem a lot longer than it actually is.



For Word, Excel, Acrobat, PowerPoint and any other programs that would be at risk from ‘Kill’ not saving your unsaved work.


For Skype-class messengers and any teleconferencing software, browsers, games.

Personal laptop with its own network like Clear:  Take it right into work and use it for your negotiating and etc.  Then you own your networking data passes through Clear’s network not your corporate network.  So, the company cannot spy on your negotiations.

Protecting yourself from a stalker at work:

See the actions for Spy vs Spy above.


If you suspect you have an IT employee stalker reading your corporate email and breaching your business and personal communications, take action:

  1. Report him or her to Human Resources.  Request to speak with a manager at least two levels above the IT worker, so that the worker’s boss has full exposure and will be obligated to stalk the stalker to verify if your claims are true or false.
  2. Then start using a personal laptop on a 4G network like ‘Clear’, or your personal cell phone for all personal communications.  Be sure WIFI is not enabled for your device on the corporate network.
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No Suspitions = No Questions

StopWatch is built to keep you out of trouble.  The StopWatch battle cry is “No suspicious behavior = No questions”.  If StopWatch is meeting its objective, no one will see you taking an evasive action and ask you to explain yourself.  This is StopWatch Privacy’s main differentiation point from its top competitor who makes your screen go fuzzy, or displays a .jpg image of an innocuous desktop.  A fuzzy screen raises questions.  A .jpg fake screen image can also get you into serious trouble when someone walks up and asks you to open a file.  That’s because lurking behind that fake .jpg image is what you don’t want the visitor to see.

If you use a plastic 3M privacy screen filter (which is really smart to do by the way) there can be questions, or unspoken snooping from people wondering what you have that you need to hide.  The 3M privacy screen filters are fantastic in situations where you’re SUPPOSED to be keeping your screen private, like on jets, in waiting rooms, coffee shops, and when you visit with vendors, etc.

So, if it’s okay for you to be physically obvious that you’re hiding things from others, and you don’t mind the probing questions of what you’re hiding under the blur, then you may not require StopWatch.  But if you need to be stealthy….

StopWatch is stealthy.  To us, if someone sees a blurred screen, it’s not privacy–It’s the beginning of an investigation.

StopWatch plays the line between being fast and easy to use, and being invisible to people sneaking up behind you, or sneaking into your space when you’re in a meeting, or well-meaning people just walking into your space to do what they have to do.  We don’t want you to ever act jumpy, or suddenly decide if you’re going to lie, tell the truth, or tell something between a lie and the truth.

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We are Looking Forward to Finding Out What You’re Going to Ask!

This FAQ is not one of those fake marketing tinged FAQs, with items like How do I buy it?  What methods can I use to pay, etc.  It will be populated with only your most frequently asked questions to save us all a lot of time.

We are looking forward to finding out what you’re going to ask, and fixing things as fast as we can while we keep updating the FAQ to reflect what’s going on.

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