The Rest of the “Settings” Tab

StopWatch Updates (no button)

Every time we’ve finished testing a new update, StopWatch will prompt you to update.  You can choose to proceed with the update or cancel out of it.  All our updates are recommend for increased stability, security, or functionality.


Clicking on Help takes you straight to this page you’re on right now, where you can choose to read the user guides, go to our online customer service help desk to open tickets and communicate with us, or go to twitter to speak your mind.  The user guide is a living document, and will be updated as we hear from you about things you think we should put into the guide, and as we here your unexpected cool ways you’re using StopWatch.  You can click the Customer Service button above to tell us the cool ways you’re using it.  Also, you might want to checkout the strategies section “Cool things you can do with it” for new ideas coming in from users.

Password Setup

Clicking on Password Setup allows you to create a password so that you’re the only person who can reveal your hidden programs.  It has an additional feature:  You can block others from getting into StopWatch to see what StopWatch is, what you’re protecting, and what triggers you’re using.  It also prevents them from disabling your privacy protection from inside StopWatch.

That’s it!

We look forward to hearing from you on things we missed in this User Guide.  We’ll schedule your ideas into our project plans to either improve StopWatch or improve the documentation, and we’ll ask for your feedback on how we did.  OK?

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