Make Your Programs Private

Go to the Make Your Programs Private tab, and notice that there is a Refresh button.  The Refresh button gives you the chance to open a target program if you forgot to do so before opening StopWatch.  Just open the target private program your web browser, or chat app, or Word–any computer program you wish to target.  Then click the refresh button so that your target program will appear in the list of running programs.  Once you make a program private, StopWatch always watches for whenever you open it.  You don’t have to keep adding it to the list.

Select your program from the list. The triggers dialog opens for you automatically.

Choose the triggers or trigger you’d like to use.  Some applications are so security-sensitive that it’s a good idea to use more than one trigger to protect them.

  • Webcam:  When someone walks into the webcams viewing area, it will trigger StopWatch.
  • Idle Time:  If you stop working on your computer for as many minutes you choose (1 or more minutes) it will trigger StopWatch.
  • Boss Key:  Depress the Alt and X keys at the same time to trigger StopWatch.

Say OK when you’re done.  This opens the Countermeasures dialog.

We’ve been finding two countermeasures the most useful to us:

  1. Kill
  2. Hide

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